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Thank you for your purchase!

We'll do everything we can to make your experience using Saya WP Theme as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The minimum requirements for a fully functional website using this theme are:

  • Internet domain (available here)
  • Hosting provider
  • FTP utility tool (Total Commander, FileZilla, SmartFTP, etc.)
  • WP framework (available here)
  • Saya WP Theme files from CreativeMarket

WP Installation

WP provides a complete installation guide (available here).

To make things even easier there is a famous 5 Minute Install tutorial (available here).

If you have little or no experience working with WP please take some time and learn more about the framework before you proceed.

Theme Files

If you downloaded All files & documentation the contents of the theme folder should be:

  • userguide.pdf (a PDF version of this file)
  • license.txt

If you downloaded Installable WordPress file only the contents of the theme folder should be:


Theme Installation

Dashboard Installation

Step 1. Log into your WP dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New

Step 3. Select Upload Theme

Step 4. Go to where the theme files are located on your computer, select the file and click Install Now

If everything went well you should receive the message Theme installed successfully. You are now ready to activate the theme.

DO NOT upload the main .zip file which also contains the userguide.pdf and license.txt files.

Use only the installable file within.

FTP Installation

We assume you have a working FTP utility tool with login credentials - one was needed earlier for the WP installation.

Step 1. Unzip the file somewhere on your computer.

Step 2. Go to the /wp-content/themes/ folder using the FTP utility tool and upload the saya folder here.

Wait until all the files have been successfully uploaded. You are now ready to activate the theme.

Theme Activation

Go to Appearance > Themes in your dashboard, select Saya WP Theme and click Activate

Website Setup

Add a Contact Form

Adding a Contact Form is a easy as creating a new page.

Go to Pages > Add New. In the right sidebar, under Page Attributes, select Contact Form Template and click Publish

Everything you enter in the body section of this page will be displayed just before the actual Contact Form.

The Contact Form uses the website's default e-mail address.

If you want to chage this simply go to Settings > General and enter a different e-mail address.

Theme Options

Once the theme is activated, go to Appearance > Saya Options. The options here allow you to further customize your website.

General Settings

Upload your company logo and custom favicon.

The favicon is a 16px by 16px small image that represents your website's icon and is displayed in the title/tab section.

Let users know what your websites is all about by customizing the header and footer texts.

Display your posts in a 3 column or a 4 column grid.

Apply Lightbox to image links.

Lightbox also works with default WP galleries.

Show/hide a fancy Back to Top button.



Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about the website's traffic and measures conversions & sales.

It's the most widely used website statistics service. The basic service is free and a premium version is also available.

Saya WP Theme makes it really easy to add Google Analytics to your website.

Social Media

Increase exposure and traffic, develop loyal fans, generate leads, improve search ranking, grow business partnerships, reduce marketing expenses, improve sales and provide marketplace insight.

These are just some of the benefits of making social media a part of your marketing and PR mix.


Social Media Links

Display links to your favourite social media networks.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Dribbble
  • Behance
  • Tumblr




AddThis is a tool for content engagement.

It helps users share your posts on different social media networks.

More information is available here.

Saya WP Theme supports seamless AddThis integration.

If everything is setup correctly this button will be displayed automatically on every post page.


The theme comes with a set of 12 default colors:

You can easily change the color for each post category in your website.

Custom CSS

Use this option to quickly customize the style of the theme: change colors or spacing properties, add fonts, etc.

Whether you want just a few tiny changes or plan an extensive facelift, Custom CSS is the easiest and safest way to do it.

Don't worry about making mistakes!

Your code simply overrides the theme's default style. If you are not happy with the results just remove your code and everything will get back to normal.

Should you choose to update the theme at any point in the future, the changes made via Custom CSS are not affected.

We strongly recommend you use this option instead of modifying theme files directly.

Widgets & Plugins


A widget is a block of information that can be added in various areas of the theme's layout.

For the list of all available widgets go to Appearance > Widgets.

Saya WP Theme comes with 2 predefined widget areas:

  • Page Sidebar - displayed to the right on all pages
  • Post Page Sidebar - displayed to the right on all post pages

Use drag & drop to select and rearange the widgets you want displayed in your website.

Along with the standard WP widgets, the theme includes 2 additional ones:

  • Saya | Recent Posts
  • Saya | Similar Posts



Saya | Recent Posts

This widget displays a list of recent posts.

If available, the featured image is displayed automatically and you have options for post date and post category.



Saya | Similar Posts

This widget displays a list of similar posts.

If available, the featured image is displayed automatically.

This widget MUST be placed in the Post Page Sidebar area, otherwise it WILL NOT work properly.


External plugins are a great way to further customize your website.


Recommended Plugins

They are tried and true. We only make recommendations based on personal experience. We like these plugins. We use them all the time.

They are super easy to use. Just install and activate!

We made sure the following plugins integrate seamlessly with Saya WP Theme so that everything fits perfectly.


MailChimp for WP

The best MailChimp plugin to get more email subscribers.

It lets you create a highly customizable sign-up form that can be displayed wherever you want using a simple shortcode, widget or template function.

This plugin is free.

Plugin site   |   Plugin page on


Facebook Comments

It easier for you to setup, administer and customise Facebook Comments from your WP site.

The comments are automatically integrated below the content of any post or page.

This plugin is free.

Plugin site   |   Plugin page on


Download Manager Pro

Gives you full control over file downloads!

It is the best WP file and document management plugin to manage, track and control file downloads from your WP site.

It comes packed with all the features you will ever need for monitoring file downloads like password protections on download, download visibility based on members roles and capability, hit counter, detailed download log, packed download, price setup and many more.

This is a premium plugin but a free version is also available.

Plugin site   |   Plugin page on


Saya WP Theme is not endorsed in any way by MailChimp for WP, Facebook Comments or Download Manager Pro.

See them in action on different websites:



Plugin Installation

Installing a plugin is very similar to installing a theme.


Dashboard Installation

Go to Plugins > Add New.

Option 1. Search for the plugin you want to install, select it from the list and click Install Now

Option 2. Upload the .zip plugin file from your computer and click Install Now

If everything went well you should receive the message Plugin installed successfully. You are now ready to activate the plugin.


FTP Installation

Step 1. Unzip the .zip plugin file somewhere on your computer.

Step 2. Go to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder using the FTP utility tool and upload the plugin folder here.

Wait until all the files have been successfully uploaded. You are now ready to activate the plugin.


Plugin Activation

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins in your dashboard, select the one you want and click Activate

Additional Information

Theme Updates

Updates will be provided periodically:

  • to ensure compatibility with new WP framework versions
  • to fix reported functionality or security bugs


Every time an update is available you will be notified under Appearance > Saya Options > Theme Updates

Updating the theme is easy to do and requires the same process you used to install it.

Step 1. Re-download the theme files from CreativeMarket.

Step 2. Either perform a dashboard installation using the new file or use a FTP utility tool to re-upload it's contents.

Customer Support

E-mail us at and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours.

We will also provide support via the theme's comments section on CreativeMarket.

Customer support includes:

  • responding to questions or problems regarding the theme and its features
  • fixing bugs and reported issues
  • providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Customer support DOES NOT include:

  • customization and installation services
  • support for third party software and plugins (even if they are recommended)



Thank you again and good luck with your website!